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BMW Motorrad C 650 GT

LAMS approved, innovative maxi scooter
The innovative C 650 GT maxi, touring scooter from BMW Motorrad is equally suited to commuting in the city or cruising on the open road with the powerful 60hp engine. A LAMS approved model, the C 650 GT has plenty of features to ensure confidence for new riders and comfort for all riders.
Highlights include the new mirrors, which are set higher, vibrate less and improve the view rear, the adaptive daytime riding light and boasting the biggest storage capacity for its class.
Specs and Features
The look of the C 650 GT is smart and sophisticated with a very distinctive rear section. Notably is the attention to detail on the seat, the handlebar cover and chrome details.
Power is delivered by the water-cooled in-line twin cylinder engine and with the re-designed clutch, the C 650 GT has faster low speed acceleration.
As a LAMS approved bike, safety features abound on the C 650 GT with both ABS and ASC (anti-slip control) standard inclusions. The ASC in particular, will be much appreciated in difficult road conditions, for example, preventing back wheel spin in the rain. Another safety feature is how the daytime running lights adjust automatically to suit the light and the convenient seat height.
The first impression of the BMW Motorrad C 650 T is comfort! The stretched silhouette, seat design, rider position and easy accessibility are immediately visible. Look closer and notice the windscreen which can be adjusted electrically, the large storage capacity and the trademark BMW elegance.
Confidence Inspiring
The BMW C 650 GT inspires confidence in learner riders, as it is easy to ride and user friendly with a fuel efficient engine.
It is one of three LAMS approved machines in the BMW Motorrad range, the others being the C 650 Sport, which has the same engine and transmission as the C 650 GT, and G 310 R.
The C 650 GT is available in three colour schemes – Frozen Bronze Metallic, Black Storm Metallic and Light White – and each seems to change the look and personality of this exclusive maxi scooter.
The Black Storm Metallic with its predominantly black palette with a touch of grey on the front guard is a very business-like look, off to the city office. The Frozen Bronze exudes a sophisticated, elegant persona while the Light White gives a completely different look to the machine – a more fresh and funky appeal.
Whatever your style, you can accessorise your C 650 GT with the range of options available.

More on the great motorcycle here : http://www.bmwmotorrad.com.au/au/en/index.html?content=http://www.bmwmotorrad.com.au/au/en/urban_mobility/c650gt_2012/c650gt_overview.html
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