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We have developed our calculator to suit the demands of our 24/7, on-demand, web dependent society with easy online access from any computer or mobile device, an advanced range of applications and fast response.

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Bike Finance Calculator
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Bike Finance Repayment Calculator

So you want to get out on the highway, start looking for adventure, fulfil a lifelong dream to finally own a classic motorcycle or just want a convenient, economical form of city transport.

But you are not sure if you are on a scooter or classic Harley budget?

The Jade Calculator will quickly and easily answer that question and many more.

Need access to a online calc tool: Use Bike Loan Calculator

The calculator is an online system, which allows to receive an estimate on a bike loan interest rates by simply entering a few details into the online form.

Jade Bike Finance Calculator is Easy to Use, Convenient and Discrete

As with most online forms, our calculator is very easy to use, simply enter your details into the boxes as indicated.

You can calculate your bike loan estimate whenever and wherever suits you. Even while you are at the dealership discussing your motorcycle purchase or while inspecting a used machine at the seller's place. Use your mobile devices to discretely calculate an estimate of your loan so you can make an offer and negotiate a great deal from a position of knowledge and confidence.

No need to waste time, viewing the machine on one visit then going away to phone the bank for a quote, during their business hours, waiting for the call back which never seems to come, then having to go back to the seller and make the deal.

The Calculator eliminates a lot of the hassles in purchasing all types of bikes: new or second hand, scooters, classic Harley Davidson, Japanese sports models, off road and dirt bikes, road and racing models.

Take Advantage of Our Advanced Calculator Application Features

Jade have the flexibility and the know how to structure your loan package to specifically suit your requirements and to meet our corporate style, we have developed our calculator with versatile features. Many online calculators allow you to vary the interest rates when making calculations but the Calculator takes it much further.

Interest Rates

You can adjust the interest rates on the calculator until you find a monthly repayment that suits your budget

You can adjust the length of the loan, from as little as 12 months to the usual term of 60 months, to vary the repayments within your means.

Depending on the loan product you select, you can also vary the percentage of the residual or balloon payment which also reduces the monthly repayment figure by deferring a portion of the loan to payment at the end of the term.

Our Calculator has to be your best mate when it comes to your motorcycle purchase. And it does not give unwanted opinions about their personal choice of favourite model!

Avoid the hassles and time-wasting, use the Jade Bike Finance Calculator to get a ballpark quote on the spot, no waiting.

Remember, the calculator will provide an estimate based on interest rates and loan terms but does not allow for additional fees and charges that banks and lenders may charge such as application fees, PPSR fees, loan protection, shortfall protection and loan establishment fees.

At the next stage, when you speak with one of our consultants for an accurate quote, the will advise you of these and structure your loan as a complete package.