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*The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 25/01/2021 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Calculate Bike Loan Repayments


Please remember when utilising our Motorbike Finance calculator: The figure you receive does not indicate a specific loan quote, an offer for a loan of any kind nor does it represent a finance application approval. In entering the amount you wish to borrow, you may not be allowing for additional fees and charges that may apply to some lenders and banks for some finance types. If you wish to include all expenses related to your purchase the finance deal, add an extra amount to cover insurances, warranties and other purchase costs.

The calculator provides a model on which to base estimates calculated on amounts and time period. Your specific finance repayment schedule might actually be lower or even higher than the estimate.

Interest-only loans are not to be estimated with this calculator. The Jade Finance calculator is designed to provide loan repayment estimates based on both interest and loan over a set time period.

The calculator is created to calculate the interest on a loan, compounded over an identical monthly term.

To obtain an accurate finance quote, firm loan repayment figure based on an accurate interest rate, please speak with a Jade Finance consultant in regard to your individual specifications. This calculator is provided as a useful reference guide and is not meant to be the only financial information for the purpose of decision-making. If you require specific advice, consider consulting with a licensed finance adviser.

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Life’s too short to die wondering. Use our Jade motorbike loan calculator for a quick estimate on monthly repayments on the bike you would love to purchase. It’s a quick, easy and totally free process and might bring you just that much closer to the ride of your life! The calculator is a great tool to use when you’re comparing manufacturers, specific makes and models and essential when weighing up your options of new or used bikes.


Motorbike Loan Amount

•The first field requests you enter the loan amount. This may be the purchase price of the bike only, or the ticket price plus accessories, rego, on-road costs and dealer charges.

Motorbike Loan Interest Rates

When your Jade consultant processes your application, they will be negotiating tough and hard to get you the lowest rates possible. We don’t like being beaten on interest rates! As the calculator is a more general device without the capacity to consider individual application specs, simply enter the current interest rate that we are advertising today.

Bike Loan Terms

Depending whether you are requesting a personal bike loan or a commercial finance deal for a business-use bike, lenders will offer terms from 1 year to 7 years. •.Consider your budget, your financial goals and enter the loan term that suits you.

Balloon or Residual

Commercial finance products such as CHP, bike lease and Chattel Mortgage provide the option of including a residual or balloon amount.This is optional, but may be an effective strategy to support you in achieving your business goals • Enter your preferred balloon as a percentage of the overall loan amount..The balloon is payable at the end of the loan term when all other payments are finalised. Please note a balloon option is not common with most lenders and banks for motorbikes.



Click on the CALCULATE button and the calculator will automatically process your data and give you a ballpark figure on your monthly repayments for that bike. If you’re comparing bike, just clear the fields and enter the next lot of data for an estimate on another bike. You can vary the estimate by changing the loan terms or balloon. To achieve a lower monthly repayment, simply increase the term or the balloon. To pay off the bike sooner, decrease the loan term. If all this meets your expectations, the next step is equally easy.

Request a quick quote on your motorcycle purchase.

Click REQUEST A QUOTE or call 1300 000 003 and discuss your motorcycle loan with a Jade consultant. They will provide a firm offer and additional advice and assistance with your motorbike finance.

Vary the interest rate

You can adjust the interest rates from 5% to 17.95% in the calculator and see how the repayments change.

Adjust the term of the loan

Terms of loans can vary from 12 months up to 7 years for some structured equipment loans.

Options to add a balloon

May loan products include a residual or balloon payment which is payable at the end of the credit term. This is a percentage of the original loan total and can vary from as little as 10% to say 30-40%. The higher the residual, the lower the monthly repayments but you will pay more interest.

Be mindful that the finance calculator only handles interest rates and residuals. It does not take into account fees and charges associated with loans, as these can vary between lenders.


How Do We Get These Interest Rates So Cheap?

Great selection of lenders and many Loan Products at our disposal!

Jade Finance has at its disposal many lenders with loads of loan products that we can source. This gives you some of the best range of lending options in the market.

We operate nationwide with and lucky to have so many experienced loan consultants over many different finance products.


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