2016 Yamaha WR 450F

Enduro Offroad Agility

With major improvements in several areas, the 2016 model of the Yamaha WR 450F has been built to build even further on its existing popularity with enduro racers, recreational riders and long distance rally racers.

Australian and New Zealand riders and Yamaha race team managers had significant input into the development of the new model and to commemorate that involvement, the company is making a special offer of a 60th anniversary edition for customers in Oceania area only.

An offer which will no doubt be snapped up with the new WR450F delivering weight, power, agility and rideability improvements based on the highly dominant YZ-F.

Yamaha stress that the WR450F is not designed for continuous ‘on-road’ riding but has been modified for compliance and rego for competition and endure use.

Moving Forward with A Rear-Slant

The most significant change for the new WR450F is utilising Yamaha’s rear-slanted engine with the innovative reverse cylinder head. For riders, this gives the machine a less front-heavy feel, better balance and better turning. In tech terms, the increased intake and exhaust efficiency enhances the linear torque feeling and delivers easy-to-use power. It’s incredibly fast but softer than previous models.

The chassis has also been updated with a design based on the YZ450F to deliver more agile handling due to the aluminium bilateral beam frame running with the suspension systems.

The design of the electric starter has also been updated with a new auto-decompressor system for easier starting under most conditions and for better cold starts, the air supply to the engine can be increased. The bike is equipped with a kick-starter as backup.

The forks are the same on the 2016 WR450F as on the Yamaha motocross equivalent but with dedicated endure settings for smoother operation at low speeds.

Enhanced Ride Features

A full lighting kit is included with a high output ACM to deal with increased demand on electrics. Riders are kept well informed of fuel levels and other indicators via a multi-function display with endure computer. A choice of nine adjustments is provided for fuel and ignition maps.

See more information at the Yamaha website

To match the speed of this machine, the brakes have received attention with a 270 mm front disc as has the radiator.

Slimmer and lighter than previous models the 2016 Yamaha WR450F has input from serious champion riders with improvements for serious riders. A motocross feel which will serious and impressive enduro performance.

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