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Enter the loan amount and loan term on our easy to use motorbike finance calculator to compare the monthly motorbike loan repayments from over 80+ lenders in Australia. Comparing various bike loans to help you see how much you can save from each lender.

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Why Use Jade Bike Loans?

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How Do We Get Interest Rates So Cheap?

The short answer – with our outstanding negotiating skills combined with the strong bargaining power that we exert across our network of lenders, backed with our steely determination to never be beaten on interest rates. Your Jade Bike Loans consultant is focused purely on delivering the best outcome for your motorcycle loan, at the cheapest interest rates.
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What Sort Of Motorbikes Do We Finance?

Daily Suzuki rides, off road Kawasaki fun machines, on road, trail bikes, classic Harley Davidson, high performance Japanese sports bikes, powerful BMW tourer, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Moto Guzzi – we love them all and finance them all. Standard models, limited releases or custom specials. New, used, private seller, dealer sale or buying from an online marketplace – we will finance your ride.
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A Company You Can Trust!

As an experienced finance broker, our allegiance is to you, our customer, not to achieving profits for shareholders of the banks and lenders. We are a well established Australian owned business with a proud heritage in delivering effective, cheap loans to the motorbike riders and enthusiasts for many years. We have built a strong network of lenders and banks, many invite only, industry only sources and we continue to grow our reputation with every new bike loan.
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Utilising Our Broker Style Lender Services

Using our services is easy, streamlined and efficient. On the initial enquiry, customers are assigned their own trained, qualified consultant who will handle the entire loan process. That includes sourcing the cheapest quotes, negotiating with lenders on rates and conditions, handling the application approval and even assisting with settlement.

You have the one contact to access multiple lenders and the hard work is done for you. As licensed credit providers, we outline fees and charges when providing motorbike loan quotes.

Speak with us now about a Jade Bike Loans specialised motorbike finance package with fast approval loan and low rate options.

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Working with a Broker

We work hard to ensure working with us is a great experience for our customers. The initial step is to speak with us and tell us about the bike you intend to purchase and provide the information we require about your financial and employment situation and other details.

This process can be commenced prior to purchasing a bike with our pre-approved motorbike loan service. We then source the cheapest quote from across our lender network for your consideration. Once accepted we get on with finalising the loan.

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The Motorbike Finance Lender Market

Brokers such as Jade Bike Loans, are an integral part of the lender market. Note that personal motorbike loans are Consumer Finance and regulated through ASIC. Anyone offering this type of finance must be a Licensed Credit Provider.

The lenders which offer motorbike loans include:

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Both large and smaller banks usually offer finance for motorbikes. Sometimes these are not specific motorcycle loans but are covered under a Personal Loan category. Due to the structure of the banking system, banks adhere to strict guidelines and are not known to be negotiable on interest rates when dealing directly with individual customers.

Finance companies

Referred to generally as non-bank lenders, many finance companies will offer motorbike finance but may also be subject to corporate guidelines when it comes to rates and conditions.


Many motorbike dealers also offer finance these days. But typically it is via a manufacturer or through a third-party arrangement with a finance company. This may involve commissions or higher fees.

Finance brokers

Finance brokers cover both business and personal loans but some may only deal with businesses.

Specialist broker style lenders

Jade Bike Loans provides a comprehensive motorbike loan service, with finance sourced from a wide selection of lenders. As specialists in this area, we do offer specific Motorbike Finance which reflects our interest and experience in the motorcycling community.

Applying for Motorbike Finance

Whether this is your first motorbike or the next one in a long list of favourites, speak with us about sourcing a motorbike finance package which suits you and your machine. As per Consumer Finance Laws in Australia, as set out by ASIC, the application process must adhere to certain processes and include certain details.


Individuals must be over the age of 18 years to apply for consumer finance in Australia, under the law. Holding a motorbike rider licence is not required in order to be eligible to apply for finance. An assessment of creditworthiness via a Credit Profile check forms part of the application approval process. Applicants are advised to check their credit score prior to applying and fix any errors. This can enhance the interest rate offered.


Where needed, we can assist with Guarantor Motorbike Loans. If a new rider, speak with us about our options for New Rider Motorbike Loans.


We provide fast application processing and approvals but applicants can expedite the process even further by having their current employment and financial details and relevant documents at hand.


There’s no better time to explore the open road with a new motorcycle. Deal with Jade Bike Loans – your specialist broker style motorbike finance lender.

Benefits of Motorbike Finance through a Broker

  • Save time
  • Save hassle
  • Secure cheaper interest rate motorbike finance
  • Peace of mind in having top level expertise and experience handling the motorbike loan
  • Cover off on more lenders, more quickly to secure the cheapest loan
  • Professional consultants to explain the loan details and fine print

Sourcing Cheaper Interest Rates

Cheaper interest rates are at the very core of achieving affordable and cheaper motorbike loans. We achieve cheaper rates through using the bargaining power we have acquired through our many years in the sector.

We work through industry-level channels with banks and lenders and negotiate with our contacts on behalf of our customers.


Lenders make their own decisions around the interest rates that they will offer on motorcycle loans. So there can be extensive variation across the market in Interest Rates and the Comparison Rate.


Our people have the inside knowledge attained through our resources to know which lenders will best suit each customer and which lenders are currently offering the cheapest rates

Motorbike Finance – Low Rates Fast Approval with our Broker Style Lending

There are a number of lender options when requiring motorcycle finance to purchase a new motorbike. Many buyers will automatically gravitate to the leading banks or respond to flashy commercials from finance companies. Others may opt for the motorbike loans offered by the motorcycle dealer, thinking that is a convenient solution.


Then there are those that are sticklers for ticking all the boxes and go to great lengths to get as many quotes from as many lenders as possible to ensure they’ve secured the best motorbike loan. That can involve multiple applications, multiple credit checks, multiple waiting for callbacks and multiple experiences in trying to convince the lender that they should be offered a cheaper interest rate or better finance conditions.


That is all very time-consuming and a lot of hassle and it’s only the start. Once armed with all those offers, buyers then have to wade through all the fine print on every quote to ensure they are comparing like with like. This may require a high level of financial literacy and can be challenging and confusing.


The solution to this dilemma is to engage the services of a finance broker – a broker-style lender that can handle all of the above and deliver cheaper interest rates motorbike loans – Jade Bike Loans. To immediately dispel a common myth – our broker-style motorbike loan services are available to all buyers. Brokers are not just for businesses or for those with high wealth or with extremely complex finance requirements.


Buyers of new or used motorcycles, private buyers and businesses, collectors and recreational riders, can all utilise our services to secure cheaper motorbike loans in an efficient, streamlined and time-saving process.

Motorbike Financing Australia

We provide Australia-wide services to ensure riders from coast to coast and gulf to gulf have access to cheaper interest rate motorbike finance. Our loan process is contactless as far as no annoying face-to-face physical meetings are required. No need to attend our ‘branch’ we’ll handle your loan over the phone, online and by email.


Fast Motorcycle Finance Approvals

We’re set up to respond immediately to requests for quotes and loan applications. Having all the necessary information ready can be extremely beneficial in ensuring a faster loan approval. You can expect your loan approved within 24 hours with lots of options and many lending packages at your disposal.


Motorcycle Finance – Types, Makes and Models

We understand the motorcycle market and appreciate the wide range of makes, models and types of motorbikes on the market – on-road, off-road, street, dirt bikes, racers, EVs, enduros, tourers and more. Whether you’re buying a new or used motorcycle we can assist with loan options.

Jade Bike Loans Provides Motorcycle Financing Options For:

  • New Motorbike Loans
  • Used Bike Loans
  • Pre Approved Motorbike Loans
  • LAMS Motorbike Loans
  • 100% lending approvals
  • Off Road Bikes and Dirt Bike Loans
  • Classic, Vintage and Collectible Motorcycles
  • Private Buyers
  • Business Motorbike Purchasers
  • New Rider Motorbike Finance
  • No Deposit Motorbike Loans
  • Include your accessories and on road costs.
  • Guarantor Motorbike Loans
  • Comprehensive Insurance

Whether it’s a classic Harley Davidson, a performance Japanese sports bike or an off road model, LAMs models, Jade Bike Loans can help you finance, insure and even assist in finding the right motorbike.

Loans for:

  • Harley Davidson
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Aprilia
  • KTM
  • BMW
  • Ducati
  • Husqvarna
  • Yamaha
  • Triumph
  • Royal Enfield
  • Indian
  • And many more!

Jade Bike Loans is accredited with many banks, finance companies and non-bank lenders. That saves our customers the time in covering the bank and provides our consultants with more lenders to cover in finding the cheapest motorbike loan offer.


Our Credentials

Jade Bike Loans is a highly regarded broker-style lender that specialises in motorbike finance. We are part of the larger Jade Finance Australia group which has over 25 years of experience in the consumer and business finance sector.


Our consultants are fully trained with the required credentials and extensive expertise and experience in motorbike loans.

  • Member of FBAA
  • Licensed Credit Provider
  • Adhering to the ASIC Guidelines for Responsible Lenders

Requesting a Motorcycle Loan Quote

Engaging our broker-style services makes it very easy to source motorcycle finance from the first step to the final settlement. The first step for most buyers will be to request a quote. Quotes can be provided after the sales deal has been done with the dealer or seller or prior to even making that buying decision.


Quick quotes can be requested via our online portal or via a phone conversation with one of our consultants.


Use Our Free Finance Calculator

Prior to requesting a quote, buyers can use our free finance calculator to work possible motorbike loan repayment estimates. This is a great buying tool and a must-have when comparing machines with varying price tags.


Using a calculator is also a great way to start forming an idea as to how you would like your loan structured and making decisions around whether or not to make a down payment to reduce the loan amount required. Knowing what loan term you would like assists our consultants in immediately sourcing the loan that meets your requirements.

LenderLoan ProductAdvertised RateComparison RateMonthly Repayment
JadeMotorbike Loans6.85%Secured 7.71%Comparison$591.92 MONTHLY
HeritagePersonal Loan8.49%Fixed Rate 9.12%Comparison$615.35 MONTHLY
WestpacPersonal Loan7.99%Fixed Rate 9.18%Comparison$608.15 MONTHLY
CBAPersonal Loan7.50%Fixed Rate 8.20%Comparison$601.14 MONTHLY
BendigoPersonal Loan7.79%Unsecured 8.51%Comparison$605.28 MONTHLY
BOQPersonal Loan10.99%Fixed Rate 11.71%Comparison$652.12 MONTHLY
Motorbike Loans
6.85%Secured 7.71%Comparison$591.92 MONTHLY
Personal Loan
8.49%Fixed Rate 9.12%Comparison$615.35 MONTHLY
Personal Loan
7.99%Fixed Rate 9.18%Comparison$608.15 MONTHLY
Personal Loan
7.50%Fixed Rate 8.20%Comparison$601.14 MONTHLY
Personal Loan
7.79%Unsecured 8.51%Comparison$605.28 MONTHLY
Personal Loan
10.99%Fixed Rate 11.71%Comparison$652.12 MONTHLY

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

We work harder to secure the best rates.

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