2017 Suzuki SV650

Exhilarating performer returns for encore

After its former self was retired some years back, the Suzuki SV650 backs its return to our shores in 2017 with exciting changes which are set to impress a wide range of riders. LAMS approved, the all-new SV650 has been engineered for all riders and designed for all roads.

Suzuki have really gone to work on improving the SV650 with significant changes to chassis, components and the engine. It’s lighter, slimmer and has very good ergonomics.

Key Features to Note

First the engine and the Suzuki V-Twin 90° 645 cc has apparently had more than 60 changes made and is superbly versatile while delivering easy-to-handle power with exceptional fuel efficiency in its class.

State of the art engine management is achieved via the Engine Control Module (ECM), with enhanced settings.

Other key features include the company’s Dual Throttle Valve fuel-injection system and the multi-function LCD instrument panel which not only looks amazing, it is backlit with six levels of brightness to adjust to driving conditions.

But of most significance is the Low RPM Assist feature as this is new technology from Suzuki. It adjusts engine speed at take off and during low speed riding to streamline power delivery.

The Suzuki Easy Start System is another feature of note. The SV650 can be started by briefly pressing the start switch without using clutch, when in neutral.

The SV650 introduces Nissin-manufactured, state of the art ABS technology with large dual front disc brakes 240mm rear brake discs, making an impressive braking package for power and feel.

Aesthetics Rule

In the looks department, the SV650 has some appealing attributes with slim lines, low seat height, slender fuel tank which still takes 13.8 litres and a very smart-looking and smart-performing exhaust system. The system has been especially design as both light and compact, delivers the power and sound you expect from a Suzi while meeting Euro 4 standards.

The rear end is sleek with the tail and brake lights integrated into a twin LED configuration.
Ergonomics are enhanced with well-proportioned handlebars and foot control position for a relaxing riding stance.

Legacy Lives On

The Suzuki emblem has come to represent performance, sophistication and reliability to many generations and the release of the SV650 in Australia brings the excitement of the brand to a new generation.

It's available in Pearl Mira Red, Pearl Glacier White and Metallic Matte Black

Many consider the previous 650s were good but the 2017 Suzuki SV650 is primed to set a new benchmark where simplicity and advanced exist in the same impressive package.

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