Ducati Hypermotard 939

Hyper impressive family

Ducati claims to ‘build emotions’ but on a practical level they build arguably the world’s most attractive bikes and with the new Hypermotard 939 family, the Italian masters have created yet another special motorbike.

With impressive new generation design, trademark Italian performance and innovative technology, the Ducati Hypermotard 939 certainly has amazing looks but it also ‘walks the talk’ or more aptly ‘rides the talk’ with its focus on delivering ‘hyper’ enjoyment.

Unmistakable Style and Design

The Ducati Hypermotard 939 stands out for a lot of reasons, well beyond its Italian minimalist style and defining design. It’s suitable for all riding styles with attention to proportion, ergonomics, practical rider features and incorporates Ducati’s famous technology.

It is dirtbike-inspired with high clearance and the slender tail piece and narrow side make for a distinctive profile and design which is highlighted by the new hand guards and integrated LED indicators.

The Hypermotard 939 is available in Star White Silk, the Hyperstrada 939 also available in, of course, Ducati Red while the 939SP has its own special livery.

The silhouette is attractive yet light and compact.

Hyper Performance

The Hypermotard 939 is powered with Ducati’s new 937cc Testastretta 11°, liquid-cooled engine which features a 10% increase in maximum torque, gives 113 hp and is Euro 4 compliant and enhances the versatility of the Hyper. So it’s more responsive, more powerful and more fluid.

This four valve engine includes significant technical solutions, reflecting the manufacturer’s engineering reputation and heritage. In technical terms, all fuel is atomised, as fuel injectors aim the fuel directly at the hotter rear end of the intake valve while a secondary air system optimise engine operation through controlled oxygen flow.

The 939 has a dynamic chassis set up which has both ergonomics and agility for a hyper attitude.
The 939 has Riding Mode Technology, Power Modes, the Ducati Safety Pack with Bosch 9MP ABS all standard. An advantage of Riding Mode Technology on the Ducati, is that your customised pre-sets remain the default even after switching the engine off, saving the hassle of having to re-set each ride. Sport Riding Mode is Level 1 and has reduced anti lift-up while Level 2, the Touring and Urban Riding Modes provide excellent stability on braking.

Hyper Personalisation

As if the Ducati Hypermotard 939 was not distinctive enough on its own, a number of accessory packs are available to personalise yours to suit your distinctive style.

Advanced electronics with innovative technology are to be expected from these Italian masters of engineering excellence.

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