Harley-Davidson Street 500 Features and Specs

Harley Davidson built the Street series as an affordable machine, a machine with the mobility to take on the urban environment, take on a friend and above all, take on the pride of being an owner of arguably the worlds’ most well-known name in motorcycles. Street 500 is a LAMS approved, 500cc machine, powered by the liquid-cooled Revolution X™ engine and packed with the premium details and features that are synonymous with Harley Davidson.

Premium and Authentic Features

The liquid-cooling maintains engine temperature and in concert with the 60.4” wheelbase, this is a nimble machine, ideal for tight turns and stop-go city riding. The easy lock-to-lock handlebar sweep combined with the lightweight frame makes quick manoeuvres easy to handle when moving and the low weight make it easy to handle when stopped.

For novice riders, there are plenty of confidence-boosting elements from the low 28” seat height which makes it easy for you to reach the ground, to the comfortable riding position afforded by the position of the foot controls, which are set slightly forward and mid-mount.

The new foundation brake system adds to the confidence factor with impressive features incorporated to provide predictability when applied.

Traffic is no snarl for the Street 500 with the smooth-shifting six-speed transmission and the skinny width wide diameter wheels, especially suited to city roads. The shocks are also specially tuned for the challenges of urban riding.

Why Choose the Harley-Davidson Street 500

Chances are you’ll want to take a friend, or better put, many friends will want to ride on your Harley-Davidson so Street 500 has a 2 up a seat and comfortable footpegs for the passenger.

The brake and clutch levers have been given the ergonomic treatment – a design that will be most welcomed by the hands of all-day city riders. Also welcomed, the new electronic speedometer.

Handlebar-mounted with a 3.5” dual face, it displays all required information including a hot coolant light.
The style and look is pure Harley-Davidson with the sturdy steel teardrop-shaped 13-litre fuel tank, fenders in steel of course also, a 3-D chrome emblem (no flunky decals here), café style windscreen, premium paintwork and finishes with dark edgy details. Unmistakably all Harley and all action. The Street series has been specifically built in all black as the perfect blank canvas for customising. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are built in the company’s USA headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and available from dealers across Australia.

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