Kawasaki Ninja 300

A LAMS 3 litre favourite

There are a lot of reasons, both practical and aspirational, that have the Kawasaki Ninja 300 positioned as one of the favoured LAMS certified bikes in the country. Sure, the LAMs certification is a big selling point with the growing motorcycle community, but the Ninja 300 has the style and feel of a superbike in this easy to ride, learner-rated package.

Features Meet Function

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a great entry-level bike as the key features not only look good but have very real benefits in function and rideability. The ergonomic riding position suits a broad range of riders and places the rider in a very natural riding position for commuting through traffic or cruising on the highway. A big confidence booster to the learner is being able to easily reach the ground thanks to the low sculpted seat, which incidentally gives the Ninja 300 streamlined, sporty lines.
The 300cc, 4 stroke, parallel twin Kawasaki fuel-injected engine delivers smooth engine and sensational fuel economy. Very important for the enthusiastic novice who just wants to ride and ride and ride and with a 17-litre fuel tank, it will be a long time between drinks for the Ninja 300.
For safety, the Ninja 300 is set up with large responsive front petal disc brakes and multi-reflector headlights for exceptional illumination. ABS is available as an extra.

Easy to Ride

A lot of the standard features on the Kawasaki Ninja 300 contribute to its easy to ride nature while at the same time creating a racing technology-based performance ride. Such as the slipper clutch which derives from the race track, is a back-torque limiter and a self-servo mechanism delivers a light clutch lever pull, overall making for easier riding.
Stability and handling are delivered thanks to Uni-Trak rear suspension, large rear tyre aids straight-line stability and other elements. The manufacturer’s heat management technology contributes greatly to rider comfort by directing heat away from the rider.

Signature Ninja Attitude

The Ninja 300 continues the design concept of the series, with superbike lines and assertiveness. Available in two colour schemes – Passion Red and Lime Green with ebony detail from Kawasaki dealers throughout Australia. Here is their website.

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