2017 Kawasaki Z125 PRO

Nimble, small but perfect for purpose

With the 2017 Z125 PRO, Kawasaki call it their nimblest Supernaked model so far and for many scooter-oriented riders especially, it’s perfect for purpose with impressive stability for its size and stature.

The first thing you notice is that the Z125 PRO is small in size, which makes it ideal as an alternative to a scooter, for those with parking issues and as a fun, zoot around machine and those on a budget.

The chassis is compact and lightweight and it is equipped with plenty of features which define the exciting Kawasaki Z world.

Styling and Specs

In keeping with the Z name, the 125 PRO has aggressive styling, dynamic design with trademark Kawasaki green in a package which will definitely attract attention.

Sharp, sporty performance is promised and with features such as inverted front fork, front and rear petal disc brakes and offset rear suspension, this should deliver on promise.

The engine is a quick-revving fuel-injected 125 cc 4 stroke single, with strong acceleration. Plenty of power for riding in urban traffic areas.

It’s a reliable, 2 valve, SOHC and with the high quality oil filter, except long engine life. Four speed transmission with manual clutch empowers rider with greater control in traffic while cast wheels with road tyres suit both wet and dry road conditions.

The tail light design and compact headlight enhance the sporty look while facilitating excellent visibility.

Practicality Plus

The 30mm inverted front fork provides rigidity and the petal disc brakes deliver the stopping power in line with the sporty nature of this machine.

While size and budget will suit many new riders, several features also make the Z125PRO ideal for scooteroos and learners. The low seat height allows most riders feet to touch the ground, which is a very comforting feature when learning. The instrument console has a multi-function LCD screen making it easy to read so newbies can refer quickly and concentrate on the road.

The fuel tank is stylish with flared top edges and practical, with 7.4 litre capacity.

When Size Matters

For many riders, big is best, but if you have to weave your way through traffic and negotiate tight gaps, bring on the Z125 PRO. One reviewer described it as if you can walk through a gap you could ride the Z125 PRO through it.

The size will definitely be an appealing factor for those with parking issues, which is just about anyone living in a major city. The Kawasaki Z125PRO is so small, you could probably slot it into the bicycle racks at your workplace – just a thought.

The size may deter some taller riders but when considering the many advantages, the Kawasaki Z 25PRO could be just the ride for you.

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