Product Showcase: Kawasaki KX 450F

Lighter, Impressive Motocrosser

The 2016 Kawasaki KX450F is slimmer, lighter and faster and with multiple champion Matt Moss on the race team, Kawasaki is set to seriously contend and aims to dominate the 450cc motocross class. But, in line with the company philosophy they have held to for over 40 years, the KX450F is just as much for the everyday rider and mid-level competitor as it is for the experts.

Packed with technology, the weight loss has improved performance with the fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 4 stroke delivering hard-hitting power.

Lighter and Slimmer

At 108.7 kg the company attests the KX450F is now the lightest in its class having shed 3.4 kgs from the previous model.

Both the engine and chassis have had a significant weight reduction while the chassis is slimmer. The engine group components weigh 2 kgs less than previous models and the transmission gears and shafts have been trimmed of excess material for a 260g weight loss.

A combination of lightweight construction and narrower design has created a slimmer, lighter aluminium perimeter frame with thicker walls in the sub-frame for rigidity and strength. The slimmer package has good ergonomics while the revised riding position increases control and the 400g weight loss provides better handling.

Sharper Handling, Better Control

Just about every part of the new KX 450F and the result is improved and increased circuit performance and sharper handling and three power plugs to adjust power.

The advantage comes straight out of the blocks with Launch Control Mode, a factory feature which gives riders a competitive edge at the start gate by ensuring an efficient race start in slippery conditions. This map retards the ignition timing to allow the tyres to gain better grip in low-traction conditions.

Sharp Looks
Not only slimmer but sharper looking, the 2016 KX 450F features a minimalist bodywork appearance and rear fender restyling. Everyday riders share racing looks which match the new performance and handling.
Adjustable pegs and handle-bars enhance the machine’s ergonomics.

Black alumite coated rims, Candy Lime Green Type II finishes on oil cap, front forks caps and impressive factory-style graphics enhance the style and looks and factory image.

The KX450F is packed with technology which you will no doubt check out in detail in the showroom, online or on a test ride. Here is more info.

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