Suzuki TU250X

Learner approved, retro style

From the Suzuki Learner Approved Sport Range, the TU250X is an ideal easy-going, go anywhere motorcycle with the reliability and quality expected from of the world’s favourite motorcycle manufacturers.

The Suzuki TU250X includes the company’s reliable single cylinder, 249cc, fuel-injected engine, which offers great performance in especially, city environments.

Retro Look

While the technology and engine is all the latest and greatest, the design and styling of the TU250X is all very on trend retro. The retro look is definitely a trend in motorcycles and Suzuki have captured this classic styling perfectly with chrome plating on both front and rear wheels, in the headlight case and speedo cover design, the polished crank side case and the front suspension outer tube. Altogether a sensational look.

User-Friendly Features

As a learner approved motorcycle, with a small, economical engine and great value for money, the Suzuki TU250X will no doubt attract the beginner rider and the set-up is ideal for the novice but equally comfortable for the experienced rider.

The seat is set at a low 770mm and combined with the diamond shaped steel frame, compact chassis and ergonomically designed rider position, the TU250X provides a comfortable, upright riding position which should assist in instilling confidence in the learner rider. They can concentrate on the road rather than be bothered by riding issues.

The full lighting system and instrument display which is easily read, will also assist riding

Modern Technology

Behind the retro styling is a heap of modern technology in the lightweight, fuel injected, SOHC Suzuki engine which is considered the leader in its class. This is very fuel efficient engine and the exhaust system reduces exhaust emission, as it is fitted with catalytic converter and oxygen sensor feedback system.

Other technology includes the inclusion of the Suzuki’s own Composite Electrochemical Material cylinder which facilitates better transfer of heat and a tighter piston clearance while the digitally controlled CDI ignition system optimises ignition timing and engine speed.

Specs and Facts

Transmission on the Suzuki TU 250X is a five speed constant mesh which offers gear ratios suit to a range of conditions.

The brake set up is discs with dual piston caliper on the front and drum brakes on the rear.

With the rather generous 12 litre capacity fuel tank combined with the engine efficiency, the Suzuki TU 250X should provide many enjoyable kilometres between refuelling stops.

A great retro styled motorcycle which is the ideal set up for today’s city riding conditions.

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