Cheap Bike Loans Go Off-Road

With coronavirus travel restrictions being lifted at gradually in some states and extensively in others, it’s time to grab a bike and head off for some fun. Off-road riding and motocross are very popular pursuits and there are many companies that offer organised adventure tours.

If you don’t have an off-road bike but want to get into the action, good news – Jade offers cheap bike loans for the purchase of off-road bikes. So let’s take a quick look at what bikes are available.

Off-Road Bike Review

  • Yamaha is an iconic brand when it comes to off-road machines and they offer a number of ranges within that sector: Motocross, Enduro, Fun, Agriculture and Adventure. The Motocross models range from the lightweight 125 to the big bore 450. In the Fun range, your choice starts with the 2 stroke PeeWee 50 and the electric TT-R50E or move up to the 110cc and 125cc models. If you’re planning off-road riding on your rural property, possibly the Agriculture range is your choice. The range includes a versatile 230, the workhorse 200F and the 125.
  • Kawasaki also offers a great range of off-road motorcycle models to suit your choice of terrain – full-on outback or fun around the farm. There were a number of models released in 2020 from the 110 and 140 range through the classic 230s and 250s right up the KLR650.

Training and Tours

Off-road riding requires special skills compared with riding on the tarmac and with bikes – safety is paramount. It’s always advisable to enrol in a training course from an accredited training provider to upskill your riding capabilities to take on the terrain of your choice.

Motorbike riding is not permitted just anywhere. If you’re travelling to publicly accessible areas such as National Parks, you’ll need to check with the authorities as to what is allowed. Many regions have designated dirt bike trails so it’s worth checking them out.

Tours are also available for weekends or weeks-long adventures in guided groups. A great way to explore new areas under the guidance of someone who really knows the area.

Cheap Bike Loans

What you will most likely need is a cheap bike loan to purchase that off-road machine. Jade Bike Loans provides loans for all types of bikes include dirt bikes with our signature best interest rates guarantee.

Off-road riding includes plenty of freestyle moves and you want your bike loan to reflect your style with flexibility and conditions structured to suit you, not just the bank’s strict guidelines. Using the finance broker services of Jade Bike Loans gives you greater options and greater loan flexibility.

The most popular loan is the Secured Motorbike Loan for personal bike purchases. A fairly standard format loan but with our Jade ‘way beyond standard’ service and features.

  • The lender uses the bike as security against the loan. If you default on your payments, they have the right to repossess the motorcycle. You don’t want that to happen so getting the monthly repayment level that suits you is critical. It’s very important that you discuss with your Jade consultant the amount you want for your monthly repayments so they can structure your bike loan accordingly. Consider all elements of your weekly or monthly expenses in relation to your income and project how that may change over the term of your loan. Don’t forget to factor in annual rego and insurance.
  • Some lenders do have maximum loan terms but your Jade consultant will be sourcing you the best deal. The longer the loan term the lower the repayments but it will take longer for you to own the bike outright but it may make the monthly hit more workable. If you can make higher repayments workable, the loan term will be shorter, you’ll pay less total interest on the loan and you’ll pay it out earlier.

Your Jade consultant will explain the details of your cheap motorcycle loan and can source you the best deal from our large number of banks and lenders. But if you feel you need additional guidance we always advise people to seek independent financial advice.

The Secured Bike Loan includes:

  • Jade’s cheap interest rates are fixed for the term of the loan
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • Fixed loan term
  • Option to make additional payments by choice
  • Minimal break fees if you pay out the loan early

If it’s time for you to go off-road, Jade is ready to get you sorted with a cheap bike loan.

To discuss a loan on an off-road motorcycle contact Jade Bike Loans and speak with one of our consultants. Call 1300 000 003