Great Motorbike Rides, Tours, and Bike Loans

We’ve all had to make many sacrifices and life changes due to COVID-19 and for motorbike enthusiasts that meant not being allowed to just head out on the open road for a ride. The stay at home restrictions has meant most people have not been permitted to venture beyond their local area for weeks. But as restrictions on our movements are gradually being eased, bike owners are already planning their first tour.

Restrictions on travel differ markedly from state to state and from week to week. So you should be checking with your local authorities to avoid the risk of a fine. And remember, although the roads are much quieter due to less traffic, the speed limits still exist and the police are out in force to implement all road rules.

So once you’re allowed out of lockdown, what will be your first ride?

Most riders can’t wait to just get out there. It doesn’t have to be a Dakar Rally experience, just a ride. Head onto the wide-open road or the not so wide, more winding and less-frequented roads and enjoy time with your bike and possibly a few friends.

For those new to bike touring, there are plenty of websites that offer ideas and tours for on and off-road adventures across this great southland. Guided and self-guided tours are available for those looking for a company. New riders may also consider joining a club that offers regular group rides to explore a range of different locations. Or just head out on your own for solace in the outdoors to clear your mind.

When planning your tour, whether it be a day trip, a few days away or an extended trip, be mindful of the regions you will be travelling into both in regard to coronavirus and other issues. Once restrictions on travelling further from home are lifted and the crisis has subsided, head to areas that have been seriously affected by drought and bushfires and support these communities. But only if authorities say it is safe to do so. Many of these areas have limited medical facilities and do not want COVID-19 brought in to overrun their resources. If travelling in indigenous community regions during COVID-19 times, be careful and preferably avoid them as these communities are considered highly vulnerable.

Australian tourism is taking a massive hit from the coronavirus and with our international borders set to be closed for some time, areas dependent on tourists need your support.

Motorbike Touring Suggestions

  • The Red Centre and Uluru: this area is on just about everyone’s bucket list and if you’ve added it to yours while stuck at home, now could be the time to tick it off the list. It will require a lot of planning from any state but will be well worth it. Check various forums and other social media sites for tips and hints on roads to take, places to stay, fuel availability and general travel conditions.
  • Victoria: the Great Ocean Road is always a bike tourer’s dream run but heading inland, you’ll also find some great places. Try a visit to the wine regions (but don’t drink and ride) or through the alpine areas which were hard hit by the bushfires. Check on the availability of resources etc before heading into bushfire affected areas.
  • NSW: if you want a relatively short but very enjoyable ride out of Sydney, head north and take the Old Pacific Highway rather than the freeway. It’s winding and narrow and there are some great refreshment stops along the way. Or head south and weave your way through the Royal National Park and onto the south coast. The south coast was devastated by the bushfires and when they’re ready, they’ll appreciate your visit.
  • Check out what’s happening with this year’s Snowy Ride into the NSW Alpine area. This fundraising event has been going on since 2001 and is scheduled for November. Hopefully, it will still be able to proceed.
  • South Australia: Show your support for the wine-growing regions once they reopen after coronavirus, but don’t drink and drive. Stay overnight and have your orders delivered to your home.
  • Queensland: from the coastal areas, head inland and explore the trails up into the Hinterland and rainforests or go even further and support the rural communities in outback areas.
  • WA: at the moment the government is maintaining border and regional restrictions. But once they are lifted, it’s back to the road. North, south or west, you’ll find plenty of great reasons for a day ride or an extended stay.
  • Tasmania: if you’ve never been to the Apple Isle, it should be on your list. Grab the Spirit of Tasmania to cruise over then ride off and explore the amazing attractions this state offers.

Touring Bike Options

Even trying to select the best touring bikes available would be fruitless and highly contentious. So we’ve stuck to just mentioning some of the 2020 releases in touring bikes to whet your appetite:

Bike Loans – Business as Usual

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