Riding in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives including how we ride our motorbikes. While some level of confusion around coronavirus exists in the general community, many riders have specific questions around what is and isn’t allowed and what precautions they should be adopting.

Others are considering a motorbike purchase while in lockdown and making wishlists. Keen, lifelong motorbike enthusiasts need little encouragement when it comes to buying a new bike. But we know there are many others that are perhaps tossing up between a car or a bike and between a new or used bike. We’ll give you a few points which may assist your decision-making.

Updates on the motorbike scene, especially in regards to impacts caused by the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Business opportunities: if your bike purchase is around a business, current consumer buying trends may offer some optimism around business opportunities. The COVID-19 lockdowns were expected to result in a massive uplift for food delivery services. While some operators have reported in the media that they haven’t seen a significant increase in business, there appear to be more individual restaurants and cafes starting their own delivery services to avoid the fees charged by delivery companies. Opportunities may exist for you to get into that area either as a full-time enterprise or a side job for extra income. Why not take the initiative and approach your local restaurant and present a proposal.
  • There has definitely been an increase in online shopping and other home delivery services and this trend is expected to be sustained even after the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. While not all deliveries can be made on a motorbike, many can and it may be worth you investigating.
  • The NRMA has come out and reminded motorists to start their cars regularly when they are in lockdown as their roadside service had responded to many more calls for flat batteries. Same goes for bikes. If you’re in self-isolation or lockdown, turn over the engine so it’s ready when you want to head out for a ride.
  • Service centres and mechanics are still working through lockdown so it may be a good idea to bring forward any scheduled servicing.
  • One of the big questions during the lockdown era has been around what you are and are not allowed to go out on your bike for. This has differed greatly across the states so you are advised to check with your local area as to what the current restrictions are.
  • While many of us have been in lockdown there is one group that has actually ramped up their workload and that is the police. Across the country, police are out in force to both implement coronavirus restrictions and carry out their normal duties. Police in many states are reporting an increase in unacceptable driving behaviour, especially in regard to speeding. So be mindful. The roads may have less traffic but speed limits still apply.
  • On that note, many children will be learning from home for some time, but speed zones around schools will still be operational during the usual school terms.
  • Hygiene is particularly important at this time and around your bike, you need to take precautions. High contact areas should be wiped down with an appropriate cleaner, avoiding strong chemicals that might damage the surface.
  • Bike riders wear gloves and helmets, but this is not PPE – personal protective equipment. It may protect you in some scenarios but you still need to practice physical distancing and good hand hygiene. Avoid touching your face with your gloved hands.
  • Carrying a pillion passenger? You would want to check with authorities but under the guidelines, it probably should be someone from your own household – at least for now.
  • When refuelling, make sure you use a sanitiser or wash your hands thoroughly after touching fuel pumps and other public surfaces such as EFTPOS.

Buying Influences

If you’re undecided about a bike purchase, here’s a few considerations:-

  • Motorbikes cost less than cars to maintain and operate and may take some pressure off your weekly budget, especially if your income has been affected by COVID-19.
  • Bikes are much easier to manoeuvre through city traffic than cars.
  • Bikes are easier to park and in major capital cities that can be a deal maker or breaker.
  • Bikes can be used for general commutes, your daily ride, for some business purposes plus on weekends, you have your recreation sorted – just go for a ride!
  • During COVID-19, many sellers have moved to a contactless or at least minimal contact, operation but dealers are still open and great bike deals are available.
  • Auctions are available online so there’s no FOMO if you’re in lockdown.
  • Motorbike Finance Interest Rates are at historic lows – enough said.

Bike Loans – Business as Usual

Jade Bike Loans is open for business as usual in sourcing you great cheap approved motorbike loans. Some banks and lenders have tightened lending guidelines which means having us as your broker to navigate your deal through is an even greater advantage.

When you’re ready to buy, or even before, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a quote on your new bike. Call 1300 000 003