Best Bikes :Motorbike of the Year 2021 Finalists

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, making that final decision around specifically which bike to buy can be a welcome challenge and a process to savour. The motorcycle market is extensive with highly regarded manufacturers constantly launching new models for enthusiasts to consider. Narrowing the choice down to just one will depend on numerous practical and personal factors and for many buyers, involve a diligent process. Checking out the best bikes  - what is being judged as motorbike of the year can be a start. To assist buyers with that monumental decision, the experts at the very popular and respected bike sales site release their annual review of new releases through their bikesales Bike of the Year awards. The team at bikesales are experts and their reviews highly regarded. So having their assessment of some of the latest motorbikes presented in these Awards can be of great assistance for buyers. We provide you with the finalists for motorbike of the year 2021 and tips, hints and guidance on securing a cheap motorbike loan to purchase your choice of the best bikes. BOTY Awards Finalists The team at bikesales has had to amend their review ad judging process somewhat this year due to the COVID-19 situation. The key change from earlier years is that on-road testing has been omitted. The judges will review the machines individually, select their highly commended finalists and then the outright winner is determined via analysis and discussion. The category finalists have also been changed and the finalists are chosen from across the market. There will be a Learner BOTY winner outright rather than for each category. To be included in the Awards, the machine needs to be a new or significantly updated model and on sale currently in Australia. The judging criteria covers a range of performance, handling, quality, safety, value and other aspects. The 2021 Finalists (drum roll) are:-
  • BMW R 18
  • Aprilia RS 660
  • Ducati Multistrada V4 S
  • KYM 890 Adventure R
  • Yamaha MT-09
  • Suzuki Hayabusa
  • Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special
  • Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS
While the bikesales experts are responsible for the judging, there is for the first time this year, a People’s Choice Award. So from November 10, people can be involved in the poll. The BOTY winners are announced on 1 December. Securing Your BOTY Favourite: Motorbike Loans If finance is what you require to make your purchase happen, securing a cheap interest rate motorbike loan can be extremely achievable with Jade Bike Loans. If you’ve never applied for a motorcycle loan before, here’s a quick ‘getting up to speed’ coverage of what is involved in the process and how our expert team can assist you. Our motorcycle loans cover all types of new motorbikes, so from that perspective the choice of machine should not impact your motorcycle loan. Loans are assessed primarily on the quality of the application including the credit profile. So our Secured Bike Loan can be used for any category of motorbike. The same interest rates would apply regardless of the type or cc of the machine. So if you are comparing a number of different makes and models you can use our Bike Loan Calculator with our advertised or comparison interest rate. New riders should note that you will need to be over the age of 18 to be eligible for a loan. This is a requirement under Australian Consumer Law that as licensed credit providers we need to adhere to. Those under 18 seeking finance may consider asking a parent or older eligible person to go guarantor for the loan. Your Jade consultant can advise of the process that this involves. We can provide what is known as ‘no deposit finance’, subject of course to individual application approval. This means the entire purchase price may be included in the loan. With interest rates at current low rates, this allows our customers to keep savings. No deposit finance is different from any deposit that the motorcycle dealer may ask from you to hold the bike as ‘sold’. Pre-approved bike loans are available, so you can secure your finance before committing to the purchase. Secured Bike Loan: Features As mentioned above, this type of the loan is the most common form of finance for all types of new bikes and most applicants. The bike is used as the security against the loan by our lender. The interest rate is fixed and the loan term fixed which calculates out to a fixed monthly repayment. So if interest rates in general, your repayments won’t increase. They will remain the same until the loan term is completed and all repayments are finalised. Our consultants handle the loan for you – sourcing the cheapest quote from across our vast range of lenders. We assist you with the application, arrange application approval and even work with your bike dealer to finalise the sale. If one of the BOTY finalists suit your buying criteria, why not talk to us about how we can secure you a cheap loan to make that purchase. For a quote on a motorcycle loan, contact Jade Bike Loans on 1300 000 003 DISCLAIMER: IN REGARD TO ANY ERRORS OR MISREPRESENTATIONS IN THIS MATERIAL, NO LIABILITY IS ACCEPTED. THE DETAILS, CONTENT AND DATA IS PRESENTED PURELY FOR GENERAL INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES FOR MOTORBIKE BUYERS AND THOSE SEEKING MOTORCYCLE LOANS. THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS THE SOLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION FOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS. IF SPECIFIC ADVICE IS REQUIRED AROUND FINANCIAL DECISIONS, READERS SHOULD SEEK THEIR OWN FINANCIAL ADVISOR.